The light of Liiraa is the connection to my higher consciousness. I am a creation of this consciousness.

Liiraa learns through my life experience and I get to see things from her perspective, a perspective that is always founded in peace, love & joy. We have a beautiful synergy even though we, on a cosmic level, are one and the same. I am a fraction of Liiraa on soul level, but with the body, limitations and personality of a human being, and she guides me and send me instructions to fulfill the purpose of my life.

Liiraa is a multidimensional cosmic creator consciousness. I am an avatar for this cosmic consciousness, and my purpose is to express this consciousness for the benefit of the world.

Liiraa has the power to create almost anything in cosmos, but the creations always have a purpose around expansion of consciousness, creating unity and peace, that is why she is present at this time on earth.

Aureea is in a different universe than planet Earth, therefore it’s also quite certain you can’t go outside studying the night sky to find it.

In the beginning ..........