Aureea is in a different universe than planet Earth, therefore it’s also quite certain you can’t go outside studying the night sky to find it.

In the beginning of my knowledge about Aureea, I thought it didn’t have a name, so I called it the golden planet because it’s bathed in a golden light due to microscopic golden light particles in the atmosphere around the planet.

One day Liiraa told me that the golden planet is called Aureea. Curious as I am, I searched the meaning of Aureea. To my astonishment the name Aurea, with only one e, is a Latin female name meaning “golden”. It was such a beautiful reminder of life magic.



If we as humans could travel to Aureea, it wouldn’t be possible to land there, it wouldn’t even be possible to land there, it wouldn’t even be possible to see it, because of the completely different physical laws of this place. The planet has a completely different vibration than the earth and anything that comes from the earth and other planets.

The only thing we would see if we got there would be a cloud or cluster of golden dust, the planet itself wouldn’t be visible to the human eye.

Therefore, we would also be able to fly right through the cloud. This would be an incredibly beautiful experience, getting close to this golden dust and be completely surrounded by it. Everything would be lit by the golden light that radiates from the dust.

It would also be a really beautiful spiritual experience, because even though you couldn’t see the planet, you would be able to feel the loving and high vibrating energy Aureea is.

Aureea is somehow a support planet for Earth, or Gaya. We can tune into the energy and ask for support. Everything and everyone there want’s to support us, love us and admire us.