"Live fully and vibrant with Life Magic"


I’m an artist, storyteller and Life Magic discoverer. My passion is diving into the mysteries and magic of life, or as I prefer to call it, Life Magic. This is where I observe the world from, and this is where I create from.

My wish is to inspire people who want more magic into their lives and want to connect to their unique inner sparkling source of intuition, wisdom and purpose. I believe that’s the foundation to live a fully vibrant life, and on a worldly and cosmic scale to create peace and unity. To me, that is true Life Magic.

Since 2009 I have consciously dived into personal and spiritual development through education, but most importantly through working on myself, developing my intuition and connection to my higher consciousness.


The light of Liiraa is an artistic expression of my connection to my higher consciousness. I am a creation of this consciousness.

Liiraa learns through my life experience and I get to see things from her perspective, a perspective that is always founded in peace, love & joy.

What I create streams from her. Here you can read much more about the light of Liiraa.

Happiness & Bliss. Water has a magic healing power
Luisa portrait looking up web f1
Luisa & Enzo playing at the beach