create . live . love life

My name is Luisa. I’m a creative soul always in the process of creating something visual. When I create, my heart opens and the feeling of time disappears. This has been true throughout my life



My drawings are inspired by the energy from a universe created in my imagination. In this universe the vibration is high, love is pure, peace is a matter of course and everything is incredibly beautiful


I love Earth, nature and animals. It uplifts me that we are always surrounded by a natural source of balance. And not only that, we are a part of it all and we can always tune in with natures energy and balance ourselves, to help us live a positive and fulfilled life


Another inspiration is the big mysterious Cosmos that we all ultimately are part of. I absolutely adore the thought that we are all made of stardust, and I love to travel to and fantasize about this infinite world


The work process is like meditation to me. I sit down with a blank piece of paper, empty my mind, put the ink on the paper and let me guide

I never know the final result in advance. Sometimes I have an intention for my work, an energy I would like to dive deep into and then express

tuning in creates the magic

This is the energy I love to share with you. My intention is giving you access to the very fine energy I receive from my drawings

Happiness & Bliss. Water has a magic healing power
Luisa portrait looking up web f1
Luisa & Enzo playing at the beach